We have all played games of chase. They have been part of growing up for millennia. Escapes too have been childhood favourites, hide-and-seek being the most obvious. The cinema has produced many famous cartoons, for example Looney Tunes' The Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote has been a children's (and adults') favourite for six decades.


The mathematical study of pursuit probably began with the Greek mathematician Zeno in the fifth century B.C. This study led to the set of Zeno's paradoxes which are themselves of interest. The modern mathematical analysis of pursuit problems began with a problem posed, and solved, by the French mathematician Pierre Bouguer in 1732, published in 1735.



PRIMARY: simple graphical approach to linear and circular pursuit problems, four bug problem.


SECONDARY: plus algebraic approach to problem solving.


SIXTH FORM: plus development of recurrent relations and algebraic explanation of results.



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