The cost of the session will depend upon the number of workshops over the period, the area of the UK, our availability and your ideas for enrichment for you and your students.


Typically, for a half-day in school the cost will be £300 plus travelling; for a full day of workshops, then it would be £500 plus travelling. An after-school activity for parents or teachers with children can be added to a full-day session if required usually for no extra cost. However, do contact us to discuss what would work best for you and where you are situated.


Talks are generally an hour long with a Q&A session if required. The cost is likely to be £100 plus travelling.


Most workshops are one to two hours for primary sessions and up to three hours for secondary and sixth form sessions, including breaks. However, sessions can be tailored to the school time-table and with one or more different topics during the day.  All workshops are very hands-on for the students and work best with up to 24 primary children and up to 30 secondary students.


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