Year 6 pupils were involved in an exciting mathematics workshops led by Professor Alan Davies and Dr Diane Crann. The opportunity gave the children an insight into ‘The mathematics of soap films and bubbles’ and ‘Anamorphic Art’. The day consisted of cross-curricular workshops that enabled the children to solve practical problems linking mathematics with science, geography, history and art.


The children demonstrated the use of higher order thinking skills and being able to think outside the box investigating different areas of mathematics and mathematical concepts. The workshops made the provision for all aspects of learning (oral, visual and kinaesthetic) and the children gained invaluable knowledge about mathematics.


The children had a fantastic day, were enthused, engaged and motivated throughout and were given individual booklets to share their experiences with friends and family. They all said how much they enjoyed the day and that they would love to do it again. The day was huge success and ended with a twilight training session with maths staff from lower and middle schools across the county.



Students attended a lecture about how Archimedes in the third century BC made important contributions to science, engineering and mathematics, many of them preceding by hundreds of years their being understood.  Students on the trip came from years 7, 8, 9 and 11. Their comments included ‘I found it to be a very interesting night and full of information I didn’t know before. Very good indeed’, 'Today has been very informative. I have learnt the way you work out a parabola’, ‘Brilliant’.


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