Weather simply refers to the condition of the air on earth at a given place and time - whether it is warm or cold, dry or wet, windy or calm. The condition of air and how it acts to create weather is influenced primarily by two things: heat from the sun and water.


Weather on earth starts with the sun. The sun's heat warms the atmosphere and causes two things to happen:


  •   water evaporates into the air

  •   air rises


As air rises, its temperature drops. As the moisture in the air cools, it condenses into tiny suspended droplets, forming clouds. The droplets inside the clouds become larger as more moisture is evaporated into the air. Eventually, they are too heavy to remain suspended and fall to earth as precipitation: rain, snow, sleet or hail.


In this primary workshop we introduce weather maps and explain the meaning of the symbols. We discuss temperature, air pressure, different forms of precipitation and humidity toghether with the tools used to measure them.


PRIMARY: investigating and interpreting weather data.


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